Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bilateral Hernia day 1

Yesterday was surgery day. We arrive at St. Joseph's a little after 6 am. Check in was very quick since I did the pre registration on line. All we had to do was steep up to an airport like kiosk and scan our driver's license. I was given some paperwork and a lojack line bracelet that would track my whereabouts in the hospital. This was pretty cool since my wife could watch on a monitor and get real time updates where I was.

We were then directed to the outpatient surgery center. The lojack must have been working because as soon as we arrived a nurse was calling me to come back to the prep area.

Prep was simple, get naked, put on gown, start IV. We had a short talk talk with the Surgeon and Anesthesiologist.( I lost a bit of faith in the latter when he said no one should run over 3 miles at a time)

I was wheel chaired to the OR and got on the table. 15 seconds later I was out.

The procedure took about 1 1/2 hours. I awoke in the recover room feeling fairly well but told the nurse that I needed more painkiller. I have learned to never refuse good drugs. I drank a coke and was allowed to dress, pausing a bit to admire my new manscaping.

I was wheeled out to the car and was home before noon. I took w painkiller and iced my incisions and spent the rest if the day in bed watching tv.

This morning I woke up a bit sore but that was easily controlled by the meds. We did a short walk and picked a few things from the garden.

I moving slow but doing better than I thought I would be doing.

Time to take another pill.

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