Thursday, January 28, 2010


I received a call from the MD today --- THE MRI CAME BACK CLEAN!!!
· No surgery
· It appears that things just conked out. I will need to take some meds to bring things back in balance.
My 2 semesters of gross anatomy were well spent.
I still feel like crap, but it is a happy crap.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh Sh**!

I met with the doctor last Wednesday. Here is a synopsis of our conversation-

How do you feel?

  • Really tired, everything hurts, I lost 5 pounds of muscle and gain 7 pounds of fat in the last month

That's the way you should feel. You hormone levels have crashed. You need to get a MRI right away. I suspect that you may have a growth on your pituitary. We may need to refer you to a neurosurgeon.

I spent Friday having blood work and a MRI. The Radiologist gave me the films on disk. I can't see anything unusual other than a deviated septum. But, it has been years since my Gross Anatomy class. Need to wait to see what the guy with a MD say.

Ummie's Curse has come early this year.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Dead Just Married

It has been a long time since I posted here. A lot has happened.

  • In August I became engaged
  • I lost my father on September 5th , after a long battle with Parkinson's
  • I married a perfect bride on November 28

During the last few months I have been dealing with some medical issues that have resulted in significant weight gain and loss of fitness. I am still working out 6+ hours a day but have been unable to drop the weight. I have had some lab work done and have a meeting with an endocrinologist this week.

My racing plans are tentative but I have registered for the Unsteady 100, Labor of love 100, Disney half iron and the Louisville Ironman.

Stay tuned