Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I bit the bullet and signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon. $ 94!!

This is an expensive training run for JFK. Ugly course, over sold, but receiving the medal from a Marine next to the Iwo Jima Memorial is priceless.

Over the last few years Coach, Ma, and I have had a tradition of a Sunday night dinner atop the Holiday Inn. Lousy race but followed by Good Food and Great Company, who could ask for anything more.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Old, fat and not too happy

The rest and recovery is wearing on me a lot. I have gained over 12 pounds and 2 inches on the waist since my meltdown at Umstead. I am getting to comfortable with the couch

Potato life.

Simpsons at 6 … Family Guy at 7 … the fricking TV is killing me.

I have done nothing physical in over three weeks I am in a state of meltdown both physically and mentally. My laziness will continue this week as I am attending a Safety conference in Louisville. Lots of boring stuff, but it is the way I make my living.

Hopefully I will get a short run or at least a walk in during the week. I need to make a pilgrimage to 4th Street where the finish line for the Louisville IM is located. Maybe the residual Karma from the kindred spirits who have crossed the line will inspire my will to get off my self inflicted pity party and do something.

If I don’t start training soon the Devil is going to extract his due!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Verdict is in!

Tear of the Superior Surface, Posterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus – otherwise the knee looks great and does not have the damage usually caused by running.

That was the word from the Orthopedic Surgeon. Surgery is not recommended at this point. He wants me to hold off for at least a month. I am to rest a bit and start back with an easy workout. In a few weeks he says I can do whatever I want to do letting pain be my guide. “It is going to hurt me more than I am going to hurt it.”

I am still planning to skip the Frederick Marathon. Mid next week I will start back with my lifting and a swim workout. Next Saturday I will do a 3-4 mile run… Time to get ready to pay the Devil!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am hurt!

I have been complaining of knee pain for some time, attributing it to old age and running a lot of miles. After Umstead I had some pain and a lot of swelling. The MD at work took a look at it on Tuesday and did not like what she saw. She was a bit concerned and arranged for me to see an orthopedic specialist. Well, it looks like I have a torn meniscus or a real bad sprain. The Orthopedic Surgeon I saw yesterday is 80% sure that it is a torn medial meniscus and will need surgery.

This is going to screw up my summer running plans. Today, I resigned a pacer for the Frederick Marathon and I think the Highland Sky 40 miler is in question. I really hope that my knee is back in shape before The Devil 50 Miler. I really want to do that race.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I failed!

UMMIE kicked my ass once again. I crashed and burned around mile 70.

Yes, the weather was horrible.

Yes, I was suffering from stomach problems culminating in bodily functions with military adjectives.

Yes, was feeling like crap, everything hurt … But in a word I fail.

I had the best crew available; a committed friend as a coach and pacer, the only thing I lacked was the will to get it done. I am sorry that I fail them.

Umstead is a great course, the aid stations and volunteers are superior. I don’t know what is in the North Carolina water but it brings out the best in people. After I crashed, I fell asleep on a bench in the HQ building only to be awaken by an apologizing volunteer, a true angle of mercy as she lifted my head to pace a pillow. She had already covered me with a blanket.

To anyone considering a 100 miler I strongly suggest doing Umstead. I don’t think that I will be back as a runner next year. I will however, be back as a pacer for a Snail or as a race volunteer. I need to pay back some of the good karma that I received.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am packed and ready for my trip to Umstead. I have a limo picking me up at 4a.m. for a 5:30 a.m. flight North Carolina and should be at RDU by 8:30. Once in town, we will have a nice breakfast, a last minute trip to the supermarket and on the Hampton Inn for hopefully early check in and a nap.

Rain, rain and more rain is the predicted weather for at least the daylight hours of the race. I glad I did those long night runs in the rain. The rain could be a blessing because it will keep the pollen count down.

I hope there is a good place for my crew to keep warm dry while I am splashing my way thought the 100 mile of fun.